Welcome to “Villa Noreia”, owned by Family Radovic!

Our house was named after the Celtic goddess Noreia, which the nearby town also carried in the past. This area, now belonging to the St.Kanzian region, back then was the center of the mysterious region of Noricum. Noreia was the goddess of fate, happiness of life, of fertility, of mountain blessings and had a lot of healing power, especially the power of healing water. This positive faith has inspired us to make this interplay of natural forces, not only for us but also for other people to share with us – the well-being of our guests, is always our priority.

The address of our house means “Sunny Hill” in English, the house faces the sunny side, at the top of the Srejach village, in peace and quiet, surrounded by enchanting natural landscape and in family and pet-friendly environment. In one part of the house our family lives with Bernese Mountain Dog Simon, cat Mika and couple of indian runner ducks. Your pet is therefore naturally very welcome.


In the separated part of the house, with comfortable, high quality furnished apartments, we offer our guests a natural charm, relaxation and full enjoyment of everyday life in the countryside. The 800 m2 large front garden is fully available to our guests.


In the immediate area grow countless threes, medicinal plants, edible wild herbs which we harvest and process for our needs in our own small workshop called “Noreia-Herbs” in the old, traditional way. We are certified for teaching topics such as “Green Cosmetic” or ethnobotanic and offers courses and workshops not only in German but also in English language. If you are interested to our courses, please contact us directly.


Just after a few minutes’ walk, the path leads you into the forest, various meadows, and a little bit further to the Klopeiner-, Turner- and Kleinsee.

The “Noreia Landhaus” is in an ideal location for bicyclists, hikers, fishing, but also for those who are looking for beach and sun for recreation and wellness for the senses.

To round out the full enjoyment during your stay, we can arrange on request a full breakfast with regional Carinthian specialties and from the “Nature’s Garden”.

We are very pleased to welcome you and your loved ones to our home!